WO R D L W I D E   S H I P P I N G

Smart Sets

Art for the home

Do you have a statement wall you would like to fill with art? Would you like to see more than one piece of art in your home? Do colourful interiors make your heart sing? Or perhaps you want to create continuity in the interior design throughout your home?

The solution in either case could be to select a few pieces of art that work really well together. So we created our smart sets to help you out. These are combinations of 3 giclee prints that go lovely together, either side by side or in different places. Whichever way you prefer. 

How to go about choosing the right art for your home? We made it easy for you and handpicked 16 sets to suit different tastes and interiors. They all come in two sizes: A4 and A3.

What’s also smart is that a set of 3 is better value than buying 3 single fine art prints

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