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Art studio

EDDE is an independent art studio combining the creative talents and experiences of contemporary artists Els Borghart and Declan Kelly. We are creative minds bursting with ideas which we paint and draw. These original artworks are then reproduced as premium fine art prints and available in our online art store.

EDDE was born from the desire to bring pops of colour and art into people’s lives.

Els Borghart

Els is a Belgian visual artist and a freelance curator. She loves travelling, she was born a bookworm, has a soft spot for healthy and sustainable lifestyle and can never spend enough time with friends and family. In her art she likes to work with washes of vibrant colours, is fascinated by patterns and cannot get enough of drawing and painting animals. Meticulous detail as well as spontaneous work are her thing.

Declan Kelly

Declan is an Irish visual artist, teacher and curator. He too caught the travel bug! He is a social animal and an animal friend. He can also lose himself completely in playing table top games, enjoys long walks in nature and is forever tinkering and making things. In his art he has an endless fascination for structures, perspectives and architecture. The colours red and blue are his favourites and he loves to experiment.


Our philosophy

EDDE represents quality and integrity. We are passionate about our art and our customers. Every image is hand painted and drawn with high quality materials. To reflect this process as best as possible in our prints, we work with the giclee reproduction print technology while printing on high quality archival paper. The result is a fine premium print with superb depth in colour that lasts a lifetime.

Our future

Els and Declan continuously travel the world, from backpacking in Mexico over road tripping in the USA to city tripping around the globe and island hopping in Europe. Often their journeys also take place closer to home, roaming beaches and forests, their home towns and the bustling cities in Belgium and Ireland. Their many adventures allow them to build a grand database of photographs and to gather numerous stories. This well of inspiration drives them to make colourful artworks. Each new adventure is the seed to a new collection of works.

Els and Declan often work together, from curating exhibitions, developing youth art workshops to programming arts festivals and sharing studio spaces. Tapping in and out of experimenting making art together, concepts and visuals surface. And so EDDE saw the light in January 2016. We can’t wait to see where this adventure will lead us!

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